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Monday, March 15, 2010


The boys and I are not currently studying the Civil War (or the Northern War of Agression or the War Between the States or any other war, for that manner). However, the opportunity came up for us to attend a field trip to Old Fort Jackson in Savannah, where students would be taught from beginning to end the duties and responsibilities of a Civil War era soldier that had just arrived at Fort Jackson. The first lesson, taught by the Captain of the Regiment, was marching. In order to enter the fort, the "soldiers" had to march into the fort!
One of the next lessons that the "soldiers" were taught was how to signal the other encampments that surrounded the fort. Here, the Captain of the Regiment is teaching the students the "code" for each letter of the alphabet and how to signal using the different flags. Carter was chosen to be a signaling soldier and he was very excited to have this job!

The students were also taught about wire transmissions and communications. The Captain explained that this box would have been connected to wire and the message transmitted via wire. The Captain also explained that many of the southern "codes" transmitted via wire were easily broken.

One of the last lessons taught was Civil War Era clothing. Here, the Captain is explaining the type of hat worn by soldiers. The students also learned the types of shoes, socks, underwear, outerwear and weaponry worn by the soldiers. After the presentation, the students were invited to try on and feel the clothing. Carter and Cooper were surprised at how "rough" feeling many of the items were and said that they would rather be wearing their own clothes, if they were soldiers!
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