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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


So, here is the HUGE printing press that they use at Savannah Morning News. We were in awe at the size of it! It is made by a German company (hence the flag), but there was an American flag on the other side to provide a nice balance!!!
We are so happy to be on a field trip!!
HOMESCHOOLING FRIENDS!! Carter is in the front row, fourth kid from the end on the right hand side. Cooper is sitting behind Carter and cannot be seen:(
Savannah Morning News!! This is a week of excitement for us. We are going to several events at the Savannah Music Festival and as you can see, we visited the newspaper!! Lots going on!!
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Monday, March 17, 2008


So, here are our Green Eggs and Ham (Sam I Am)!! We also had Green Eggs and Ham Tic Tac Toe, which was a big hit with BOTH the boys - see below.
Cooper, as he is about most food, was very excited to eat his Green Eggs and Ham. The boys helped to cook (and color) the Green Eggs and Ham. They also had Green Eggs and Ham placemats to eat off of. This has been a really fun unit!!
Carter was not too excited about eating his Green Eggs and Ham, as you can plainly see. I am so happy that I got this shot of him though. It really portrays his personality when he is upset. Only a bite of Green Eggs and Ham for him on this day!!
As I said in the previous posting, Carter and Cooper have taken to wearing their hats each day when we do school. Here is Carter coloring in his calendar for the day while wearing his hat. Each day, in addition to our regular work, we have been reading a Dr. Seuss book (mostly the classics) and doing several activities that relate to the book. The boys are really enjoying it!!
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We have been studying Dr. Seuss in the month of March. This picture is our edible Cat In The Hat Hat!! Carter and Cooper loved this project - not only could they eat it, they got to make it and they were psyched!!
Here is Carter In The Hat, with his Cat In The Hat Hat. Truth be told, Carter made three Cat In The Hat Hats and ate them all!!! He also made his hat (on his head) and is saving it so that he can wear it each time we read a Dr. Seuss story.
Cooper and his Cat In The Hat Hat. He made a very tall hat at first, but it fell, so he toned it down a little and got this little creation. He only made two Cat In The Hat Hats. Oh, and yes, Cooper loves doing school without much clothing, if you were wondering:)
Here are the boys after finishing their hats (on their heads). They were so proud. They run around the house with their hats on saying things like, "I do not like Green Eggs and Ham, I do not like them (Carter or Cooper) I am". They are too funny.
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I am sooo cool!
Tony surprised us and took us to a Monster Truck Show at Oglethorpe Speedway. Carter and Cooper really like monster trucks and this was a really great surprise for them. As you can see, Cooper was "stoked"!!
Carter was happy, too. He really wanted to be by himself on the benches alone, until "DRACO THE DRAGON" came by. Then, he was cowering behind me and Tony. He was terrified. It was kind of funny!!
DRACO THE DRAGON!!! He spits water and breathes fire!!!!
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We took Carter to a baseball clinic with his friend, Garrett. Here they are waiting to be called down to the fields. They had a really good time on this day. Cooper is not old enough to participate in the clinic, but he did get to watch. Carter is starting baseball, so this was really good practice for him!!
Here is Carter fielding a ball. The boys learned a lot of valuable skills about fielding the ball, catching the ball and hitting the ball. There were two former pro baseball players, Bobby Bonner and Mark Brown, who helped the kids with their skills. WOW!
Here is our little pitcher, Carter, winding up to make a throw. He was so excited on this day. He really felt like a big guy out there with all the other big kids!!
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Here is Carter reading to his Therapy Dog, "KILLER"! Carter was a little apprehensive about reading to him when we heard his name, but as soon as we saw him, Carter was fine with it and sat down and read to him!!
Here is Cooper and "MANDY". Cooper read to Mandy last time and he really like her and was comfortable with her, so he decided to read to her again.
The boys really like reading to the Therapy Dogs. They get these cool bookmarks that they use in the chapter books that I read to them.
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