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Friday, September 25, 2009


Carter and Cooper are studying Art and Art History at our homeschool co-op this year. One of the suggested activities for extra credit was to visit an art gallery. The suggested gallery was the S.P.A.C.E. gallery, here in Savannah. An artist named Erica Rollings was having a exhibition called, "Stained Glass: Beyond The Traditional". As you can tell, it was beautiful. There were a variety of works, ranging from game boards (a favorite of the boys) and parts of
the human body to Celtic designs and zodiac symbols.
This stained glass divider showcases the zodiac symbols. During this field trip, we found out about many of the programs that the City of Savannah offered here at the S.P.A.C.E. gallery. We were so impressed that we decided to take an art class through the city called Hands On Clay for Kids.

A work of art and a work of heart!

This is the group of children (all boys in such a breakable environment . . . whew) who went to visit the gallery. All of the boys are on the GCAT Swim Team together and attend co-op together. The lady in the picture is Ms. Tiffany, an artist herself, who has planned a great deal of the co-op art study. If you look behind the boys and Ms. Tiff, you will see the beautiful stained glass gameboards that all of the boys loved!!
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Tony and Cooper covered in powdered sugar after eating the world famous beignets at Cafe Du Monde. This was definitely a highlight of our trip. The beignets were INCREDIBLE!! However, if you tried to eat them wearing anything black, "May Gawd ha mercy on ya!".

Another famous landmark, The St. Charles Street Car. I have to admit, I really wanted the boys to ride this street car. First of all, it is famous. Second of all, they have never ridden in a street car. However, we all found this ride to be a pain in the butt!! It was fun and I am really glad we got the experience (especially for the boys), but I think we may choose to walk or pay for the ridiculously expensive parking on our next visit!!

Here we are at the Famous Door on Bourbon Street - yes, we took the boys to Bourbon Street. It was during the day and it was not at all as bad as I had envisioned. We were in New Orleans during Gay Mardi Gras and I had a whole speach prepared on how we have to overlook some of the bad things that we see, how we should just ignore anything that we know is not appropriate, etc. Though there were some racy pictures on one of the walls, we came out unscathed by the debauchery!! As a matter of fact, the worst thing we saw was on Canal Street, when we saw a man in nothing but a pair of high top reebok's and a speedo. I thought Carter was going to fall down on the street laughing . . . luckily, he waited until the man passed to cackle!!

Cooper . . . getting his New Orleans on!!
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The New Orleans Superdome - it really is a site to behold. The boys were wondering why Tony and I were so amazed at the sight of it, so after our visit, we showed the boys pictures of the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina and the flooding that surrounded the Superdome. Then, we all began to be amazed that the places we had been in New Orleans were under water four years ago (almost to the day), from the day that we visited.
You can't come to Louisiana without having your picture made with a giant crawfish, right?
Ahhh, giant multi - colored jesters . . . truly New Orleans!!
I could not resist . . . I have been dreaming of going to Mardi Gras since before we even thought about children. We were so close (only 5 months away:)). As you all know, I love a good party and great revelry and I would LOVE Mardi Gras!! This is why you are looking at the sign . . . just a piece of what I covet!!
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Our day in New Orleans, at the Audubon Zoo started out pretty soggy, but we did not let it dampen our spirits! Spirits, you say . . .this zoo, in addition to being totally awesome, is the only zoo that I have ever been to that serves daiquiri's at several locations throughout the zoo and at all the eateries in the zoo!! Amazing!!
I digress, here is 3/4 of our family beginning our day at the zoo!!
Cooper was feeling VERY photogenic at the zoo. I, of course, indulged him at every turn. Here he is with the albino alligator. Too cool!!
Once again, our budding model wanted to have his picture taken. The Audubon Zoo has a Komodo Dragon on site (which eats small children like Cooper) and Cooper could not resist having his picture made with the Komodo statue. The boys both thought that seeing a Komodo Dragon was totally awesome, especially since we had watched an Animal Planet special about them a few months prior to our visit here.
Audubon Zoo . . . one of the best zoo's I have been to. It is beautifully shaded, has a variety of animals, is very clean and is just great all around!! The Audubon Institute in New Orleans also has an aquarium and an insectarium. I really hope to visit both of these on our next trip.
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Well, maybe not world travelers, but we sure did some traveling in September. We began in Pensacola Beach and you can see those pictures here. We traveled over 3,000 miles and spent around 30 hours in the car. Tony, Nikki, Carter, Cooper and Joyce (mother in law). Yes, the corny blog mom made everyone take their picture in front of the state signs. Hey, it was Carter and Cooper's first trip to these states, what can I say?
Finally, Louisiana!! Family, great food, good music, fantastic zoo, New Orleans, drive thru daiquiri places, what more could we have asked for? You can see all of our Louisiana pictures here.
This shot was actually on our way back through Alabama, on our way home. We had so much fun on our car trip. The boys were really well behaved; we played a lot of car bingo, watched a few movies, played a license plate game (we got about 1/2 or more of all of the states), played a little nintendo and did a little sightseeing. It was a truly memorable trip!!
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One lazy summer afternoon, Tony had a great idea to take the boys to play Putt Putt on Hilton Head Island. He had heard that Legendary Golf had a great putt putt course, complete with sand traps, water hazards and the like and thought the boys would enjoy it. Boy, did they ever!!! Here, Tony is standing in "the rough" putting his shot!! How cool is that?

Carter, our resident Tiger Woods for the day, ended up having two HOLE IN ONE shots. Can you believe it? Here he is after his first hole in one on hole 6. Can you see the excitement?
HOLE IN ONE shot number two on hole 15. Again, can you see the excitement? Legendary Golf has "secret" holes where you can win a free game if you get a hole in one. After our game ended, we went in to ask what the "secret holes" were. They were on holes number 5 and 14 - yes, the holes before Carter's HOLE IN ONE SHOTS!! Too funny:)
Also, this course has a bible verse at each hole (added bonus). If you look to the right of Carter, you will see a passage from Romans!
Cooper totally enjoyed his day as well. No HOLE IN ONE shots, but several good shots. He was thrilled with that and so were we!!! After Legendary Golf, Tony took us to Cold Stone Creamery and, as you all know, that was Cooper's favorite part of the day!! What can I say, the boy loves food!!
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Carter was really excited about his participation in the YMCA Swim Team this summer. He was also really excited about his cool coach, Coach Cooper - yeah, I know, what a name:) Anyway, Carter received his medal and was so excited about it!!
Do you see the way he is holding this medal? Priceless:)
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