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Sunday, July 26, 2009


This summer was Carter's first time competing with the swim team at our local YMCA. It has been a blast for him. This picture is Carter swimming in the backstroke in the 8 and under age bracket at a recent swim meet.
This is Carter swimming the backstroke at the Coastal YMCA Championship Swim Meet. He has really worked hard on his swimming this summer. The swim team practiced every day (Monday through Thursday) and had a swim meet every Saturday during June and July. It was a hard schedule, but really paid off for Carter and his team. Our branch of the Coastal YMCA won the first place trophy for the summer swim meets. It was a really great feeling for the kids as well as the parents:)
Here Carter is swimming the breaststroke in the Coastal YMCA Championship Swim Meet. Not only did the hard practice schedule pay off in winning first place, it paid off in all of the children really learning to swim better. Carter has improved in his butterfly, breast, back and freestyle strokes. He has gained a great confidence in swimming and it is something that he really excels in. He has earned many ribbons, including several first and second place ribbons.
Carter's swim coach, Coach Cooper, promised the swim team that if they won first place at the Championship Swim Meet, the entire team could push him into the pool. As you can tell, they won. Carter is on the right of Coach Cooper - the look on his face is priceless. Carter talked about the possibility of pushing his coach into the pool during the entire week before the last meet. It was a great moment for him when he finally got to push the coach into the pool!!!
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O.k., so I have been out of the blogging loop for many months now. Summer has just been too much fun. I am now back into school mode (even though we don't begin school for a few more weeks), so I am going to try and begin updating the blog weekly again:) We have been many places over the summer and I was so excited about blogging about them, but alas, Carter deleted ALL of the pics on my camera. In a way, it is a blessing and a curse. A blessing as I am not behind in posting pictures, because I have no recent pics. A curse because I have no recent pics:( Anyway, I have been snapping away and here are some recents:) This pic is Tony and the boys at Hilton Head Island!!!

We have spent many weekends at Hilton Head this summer and it has been great!!! The boys are really doing great on their boogie boards. This picture is of Cooper "catching a ride"!!!
Carter has also really gotten good at his boogie boarding. He has spent countless hours at Hilton Head and at Tybee Island riding in and out on some "choice waves":)
Cooper and Tony are true sand builders at the beach. They really love building and creating. They have built everything from castles to turtles to our new dog, Otis, in the sand. And yes, for those of you asking, I build a little, but mostly spend time working on my tan:) What . . . can't mom get a break, too?
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