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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Carter and Cooper are taking tennis with the Savannah Area Tennis Association. Their teachers are really good. In the picture above, Cooper is listening to his teacher about how to take a swing with his new racket. The boys were so excited!! The teacher said that Cooper had great hand - eye coordination.
Here is Carter doing what I believed they called "bounce ups". It is supposed to help with their hand - eye coordination. Tony and I have been playing tennis at the courts near our house. The boys were both psyched to have their own rackets and be able to play "doubles" with mom and dad. I think Carter was the most excited about getting to play with the grown people!
At the park where we play tennis, there is a great biking / walking trail around a lake and it is also really wooded. It is a great place for the kids to play before and after tennis practice. Here, the boys were practicing their balance by walking across some logs above a small creek. It is so great to see them do things like this. They love the outdoors!!
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We have been studying Egypt in our history and geography text, The Story of the World. This is our model of the Nile River. The first picture is of when we first "planted" our river. The second picture is after about a week. As you can see, we have had a little growth of our grass along the river. As you all probably know, before the Aswan Dam was built, the Nile River flooded each year. With this project, the point is to fill the middle area, the "river", with water and have it overflow the "banks" of the "river" to simulate how the Nile River used to flood. Can you tell that the far side of our model is the Nile Delta? Anyway, the boys think this project is awesome. I have to admit, I do too!!
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