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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Usually, Home Depot and Lowe's are the "Dad and Kid" type trips. Mom is usually spared from these trips unless something is needed for our house in which I am needed to help make a decision about. This Lowe's trip was an exception. I have never brought the boys to a "Build It" workshop (ALONE) before. In all honesty, I was terrified!!! Two boys, hammers, nails, instructions, goggles . . . what was I thinking? As you can see, Cooper is ready for the task!!
The "make it take it" as the crafter in me likes to refer to it, was a fire truck. I must admit that I decided to take the boys to the workshop because it is educational, in a manly sort of way - and they had to read the instructions, so we can count that as reading aloud to mom, right? Ha! Just kidding! Carter is hard at work here, with his hammer and nails. I did my best to keep my OCD under control and let him hammer all the nails and place all the stickers. All I did was set the nails in place and he went with it. He did great!!
Alas, two completed projects. They received their aprons, patches and got to chat with real firemen and sit on a real fire truck. Lowe's is AWESOME! I know that you cannot tell it by the picture here, but the "cab" of Carter's fire truck is upside down. I insisted that the cab went one way and Carter (who read his directions) said to put it the other way . . . mom won the argument and was wrong. Go figure:) But, all in all, I got over my fear of doing "manly" work and I think both boys had a great day!

Do you want to go to a Lowe's "make it take it" or A Lowe's Build and Grow as they call it? Click here!
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